Thursday, January 15, 2009

TSFS Exhibition at the Turku Library

The new main library of the Turku city library is finally fully up and running. And one of the first exhibitions in their brand new exhibition venue? Sf and fandom in the Turku area!

The themes of the exhibition, which opened today, are the Fantasy Feast (pseudo-medieval festival organized by TSFS), the TSFS fanzine Spin, and a photo exhibition of the Turku fandom activities. The exhibitors are TSFS and Tutka (who for some reason don’t have any information about the event on their web sites at the moment—note to the societies: this is a great achievement which you definitely should advertise).

There will also be an sf event linked to the exhibition. On January 30 to February 1, there will be a theme weekend at the library to introduce sf and fandom to the visitors. Friday is meant for kids, with fun activities, book discussion and recommendations, young author interviews and children’s fantasy short films. Saturday is “Fandom Saturday,” with the emphasis on fandom-related presentations and discussions. Sunday is dedicated to Finnish Swedish-speaking fanac.

The exhibition is open until the end of February. So go take a look—I certainly plan to!

Correction: the exhibition is the first put up by a fan or hobby group, not the first overall (but the third).

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Anonymous said...

Turku Librarians rule!!!

Librarias are the only existing force between chaos and civilization.


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