Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hirvi Mafia

As mentioned earlier, the Turku fandom pub meetings have moved to the restaurant Kultainen Hirvi. Today was the August meeting, and it was a pretty succesful one. A nice bunch of people, good food, lots of drinks, and good conversation. Especially the big space opera vs. "stylish fantastic" discussion, plus a lot of book tips traded. Also, some talk about the coming Roadside Picnic and arranging rides (on Saturday, at least two cars coming from Turku). There were not one, but two new issues of my Turu Mafia Zine today (the former came out at Finncon, so not everyone had seen it yet). The weather was warm, so we sat mostly outside on the terrace. Everybody present seemed pretty happy with the place, so that will be our venue for the foreseeable future.


Anonymous said...

Njah, I don't know about the venue. I didn't really see that Kultainen Hirvi was any better than Bremer. The one table everybody had gathered around was full when we arrived, so if there would have been any more people they wouldn't have been able to sit anywhere near the first table.

There was a lot more room inside, but as this was in the middle of the summer it doesn't give any indication on how it will be later in the year.

Personally I would like a place closer to the center of town. Wasn't there some other suggestions also when the "lets move away from Bermer" discussion was started? Didn't someone know a place somewhere near the railway station with good food?


Tero said...

There's no place where 15 to 20 people could sit at one table. I think the people in Turku just need to learn that it's possible to sit at different tables, and (gasp) even move from one seat to another during the evening...

I've been to Hirvi a few times, and there's usually been room inside, so I hope that won't be a problem there.

There haven't been any other viable suggestions so far, at least not close to the center (the one near the railway station is further away from everything, and the quality of the food there has also been questioned).

But if somebody thinks of a nice place, sure, let's try it.

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