Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Linkage: Sinisalo, Finncon

Johanna Sinisalo was interviewed on the Nebula Awards site about her recent nominee novelette “Baby Doll” (via @Sini74 on Twitter).

Cheryl also linked to this, and in a comment there was a link to another recent interview with Johanna, by a reading group that had been reading Troll.

Jukkahoo has posted some notes on this year’s Finncon, as well as thoughts on the nature and future of the convention (as well as that of the cooperation with Animecon). Couldn’t agree more with his points.

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Blogger Redag said...

Thanks for linking to our interview, I've been seeing referrals show up in my stats and that makes me happy! (I'm feeling my shallow webmaster side come to prominence... )

27 August, 2009 22:07  
Blogger Tero said...

You’re very welcome—thanks for publishing it! :-)

27 August, 2009 22:09  

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