Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Turku Christmas Party, Forum, Finncon

The Turku sf society will organize a Christmas party on Thursday this week (December 10). The place is the TYY sauna (at Yo-talo), the party starts at six. There will be some food, drink, programming (quiz, ruffle, etc.), and a sauna. There was information about this on the TSFS web site, but it has been removed for some reason (Update: it’s back now). The info is available on their Google calendar however so you can find the details there.

The Terrakoti societies have opened a joint forum where you can discuss things about the societies (no RSS feeds that I could find, though, so following it would require remembering to visit the forum at least for now). It also has a subforum related to Finncon 2011 matters (including a discussion about potential GoHs—requires registering though).

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