Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Turku This Week

The last pub meeting of the year is this Thursday, Kultainen Hirvi at 6. Everybody who wishes to talk sf over a beer (or a glass of wine, or juice) is welcome!

Things to talk about: where to have the pub meetings next year; also agreeing on the next sfnal lunch meeting. Plus a new issue of my fanzine, free for all who show up.

There’s now a Facebook group for all who wish to be informed of these informal sf gatherings in the Turku area (mafia meetings, lunches, etc.). Join the “Turun mafia” group if you’re interested!

On Friday, the Turku University sf club will arrange a “Little Christmas” party at Terrakoti. Starts at 5, non-alcoholic punch is on the house. Bring your own drinks, food, and holiday cheer.


Anonymous said...

So, where will the monthly pubmeetings (i.e. mafias) be held in the future?


Tero said...

It was agreed to go to Teerenpeli at least in January.

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