Monday, June 27, 2011

Finncon Program Announced

Finncon 2011 has announced their program schedule. (The link points to the English-language page which is still lacking translations, but those will hopefully be updated soon.)

The program maps have the English program items marked in them, but here’s a list of Finncon & Animecon’s English-language items for easier reference. (Copied from the handy list Jukkahoo posted on Facebook. Thanks, Jukka!)

(PS I notice that the Finncon web team has switched the site to use much nicer and linking-friendly URL on the web site. Yay!)


  • 14.00–14.45 On Writing
    Matrix (Kauppakorkea)
    Guests of Honour Nalo Hopkinson and Richard Morgan talk about writing speculative fiction.
  • 16.00–16.45 Black Widow
    Mythos (Kauppakorkea)
    An interview with Richard Morgan about his comic projects. Morgan has written the story to two Black Widow miniseries for Marvel Comics.
  • 16.00–17.45 Do it with Jordan... Part 1: Cover up
    Endor (Kauppakorkea)
    A trilogy in four parts during the weekend. Playful competitions to get you acquainted with the brick-like works of Fantasy literature.
  • 20.00 Fandom Bar
    Brewery restaurant Koulu
  • 10.00–10.30 Opening Ceremony
    Caribia Areena
    Opening spectacle of the con! Useful information!
  • 11.00–12.45 Guest of Honour speech: Nalo Hopkinson
    Matrix (Kauppakorkea)
  • 11.00–11.45 Do it with Jordan... Part 2: Walk with
    Endor (Kauppakorkea)
  • 12.00–12.45 Reading + signing: Tom Crosshill
    42 (Kauppakorkea)
  • 12.00–13.45 Medieval Music
    Endor (Kauppakorkea)
    The Medieval society of Turku, Unikankare, delights you with musicians. Let the flutes and drums guide your feet to dance with the help of the lovely ladies of Unikankare!
  • 13.00–13.45 Kaffeeklatsch: Nalo Hopkinson
    42 (Kauppakorkea)
    Chat with the author over a cup of coffee
  • 13.30–14.30 Interview with HIMEKA
    Tsuki (Educarium)
    Canadian singer HIMEKA is interviewed. After the interview, you can ask for HIMEKA's autograph on her concert's programme book or on HIMEKA merchandise.
  • 15.00–16.45 Guest of Honour speech: Richard Morgan
    Matrix (Kauppakorkea)
  • 16.00–16.45 Hugo-nominees of 2010
    Xoth (Kauppakorkea)
    Panel discussion. Marianna Leikomaa, Jukka Halme, Cheryl Morgan, Tommy Persson
  • 16.00–16.45 Do it with Jordan... Part 3: Show it
    Endor (Kauppakorkea)
  • 17.00–17.45 Kaffeeklatsch: Richard Morgan
    42 (Kauppakorkea)
  • Party at Kåren
    • Finnconkampen table-top hockey tournament, sign up at the con!
    • Masquerade, sign up in advance or on location as soon as possible.
  • 11.00–12.45 Cultural Appropriation in SF
    Matrix (Kauppakorkea)
    What is the difference between culture as window dressing and culture as essential background in speculative fiction? How do stories transcend treating the foreign as the exotic, especially if the culture in question is not the author's?
  • 13.00–13.45 Reading + signing: Richard Morgan
    Matrix (Kauppakorkea)
  • 14.00–14.45 Reading + signing: Nalo Hopkinson
    Matrix (Kauppakorkea)
  • 16.00–16.45 Do it with Jordan... Part 4: Go deeper
    Endor (Kauppakorkea)
  • 16.00-17.45 Piratism Panel Discussion
    Xoth (Kauppakorkea)
    Nalo Hopkinson (Note: This item isn’t shown in the schedules but is mentioned in the program listing, so maybe it is still unconfirmed.)
In addition to the items mentioned here, the schedules show a few items that have been marked ”English–Finnish”—I guess that means the program is more free-form and the content is shaped by who is attending it.


Martha said...

Hi Tero,

That Sunday panel on Cultural Appropriation sounds really interesting. I write Dark Historical Fantasy. My current project is about a 5th Century Byzantine bishop and the culture of the times is a critical element in the story. I wish I could b there for that.

I have posted my Con report (Martha's Adventures at Eurocon Parts I & II with photos) on my blog: if you are interested.

It was lovely meeting you and Johanna and Jukka.

jukkahoo said...

Weird thing that piracy panel addition. It is on the Sunday programming page, while it actually states that it takes place on Saturday at Xoth-room, which already has programming at the same time on both days.

And hello to Martha! It was nice to meet you too.

Johan A said...

Three panels, two GoH speeches and interviews and kaffeeklatsches? Is that all? Feels like a throw back to 2001 - must be the least foreigner-friendly Finncon I've been to (possibly 2003 was as bad, I can't remember). I hope the people we have goaded on to attend Finncon won't feel cheated.

Tero said...

Hi Martha! Was nice to meet you too!

Johan: 2003 had quite a few English-language items—it was the first Finncon that featured program items in English in any significant way (besides the GoH items, of course).

Judged by the few reactions I’ve seen so far, the program hasn’t been received with all that much enthusiasm in the Finnish fandom either. So at least the people coming here should have plenty of company in the bar. :-)

jukkahoo said...

Got some info from the organizers that there is still some programming which is yet to be announced. Hopefully more also in the Lingua Anglais.

Tero said...

Johan: people in fandom with experience in conrunning are now working with the organizers to see if something can still be done to improve the program. Fingers crossed!

Johan A said...

I'm happy sitting in the bar all day round, as any fule would kno; I was more thinking of all the Swedes to whom we've been singing Finncon's praise.

Ah well, we'll see. I wrote a couple of lines to them about Åka coming over for NoFF (the only Noffer this year, it would seem).

Tero said...

Got word from the organizers that the program was published a bit prematurely, and there will be additional program items still.

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