Monday, July 04, 2011

Tähtivaeltaja Award to Maarit Verronen

The 2011 Tähtivaeltaja Award for best science fiction book published in Finnish last year went to Maarit Verronen for her novel Kirkkaan selkeää (“Bright Clear”), published by Tammi.

The jury commended the novel’s unique voice and the alarming dystopic vision of how the world will be if the well-being of nature and other humans continues to be ignored. The novel was described as an important literary commentary of current society’s more worrying aspects and a thematically solid whole.

The Tähtivaeltaja Award is given to a book either originally published in Finnish or translated to Finnish. This is only the second third time a Finnish book has been awarded in its 26-year history. The award is given by the Helsinki Science Fiction Society; the jury consisted of critic Hannu Blommila, editor Toni Jerrman, critic Elli Leppä, and journalist Vesa Sisättö.


Kisu said...

Isn't this the third time a Finnish book has won, though? Sarasvatin hiekkaa & Missä junat kääntyvät both won. Just nitpicking here... :)

Tero said...

The nit has been picked and sent packing. Thanks for the correction!

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