Monday, July 18, 2011

Finncon 2011 Photos

Once again, Finncon is over. There will be comments on it later (I’m sure that this year will generate a lot of comments from lots of people), but for now you can enjoy some photos from the convention.

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OpenID saare-snowqueen said...

Tero, those were wonderful. Thank you. It was almost - but not - like being there.

19 July, 2011 10:08  
Anonymous Jannie said...

Nice photos Tero! Thank you for posting them.
Do you know who were the exhibiting artists in the art exhibition? I would like to see more of their work.

19 July, 2011 16:51  
Anonymous Hannele said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing with us.

19 July, 2011 18:03  
Blogger Tero said...

Jannie: The art exhibition was Project-Osiris, an art workshop from Joensuu. They can be found on Facebook at

20 July, 2011 21:12  
Anonymous Jannie said...

Thank you Tero!

23 July, 2011 08:04  

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