Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Sf Con in Turku

J. Pekka Mäkelä
Next September there will be a new science fiction convention in Turku: Turconen. The date of the con is Saturday, September 22, and the venue is the Turku main library.

The Guest of Honor of Turconen will be author and translator J. Pekka Mäkelä. We’re planning to have a dinner + pub night on Friday, and the programming will run from Saturday morning until some time in the afternoon. There will be some evening program on Saturday as well.

The Turconen committee are Harri Kiiskinen, Pasi Karppanen, Harri Miekka, and myself. The Turku Science Fiction Society is also involved in organizing the event.

Welcome to Turku in September!

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Blogger Johan A said...

Great news! Finndom needs more cons.

26 February, 2012 23:41  
Blogger Tero said...

I agree. Especially smaller conventions that I have the energy to help organize. :-)

27 February, 2012 14:58  

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