Sunday, October 31, 2004

Back to Reality

…or Snorfcon, Day Three.
Day One Day Two

The first Snorfcon is over. We shared views, got new ideas and had many interesting conversations. Although there clearly are big differences between the way of thinking in fandoms in different Nordic countries, I definitely think there is much more that the active fans have in common that what sets them apart. And I’m pretty sure that this meeting will result in increased cooperation—or at least communication—within the Nordic fandom. How, where, and when exactly, remains to be seen.

Dinner on Friday Night.

All things are possible when you put a dozen fan actives in a room for a couple of days and close the door. Including making not only one, but three credible (sounding) bids for a make-believe convention in just two hour’s time and presenting them to the other participants.

The bid for the Nordicon in Oslo even had a presentation, including pictures of the con site. Most impressive.

Another thing that especially impressed me was The “Snorf” dot One, a fanzine Knud Larn produced some time between Saturday and Sunday—I still can’t figure out how that is possible—and distributed on Sunday morning.

As I had expected, the most important and memorable thing about Snorfcon was all the people I got to meet. I mean, I’d met most of these people before, but not really talked to that many of them. At least, nowhere nere as much as after spending a weekend with them talking about things we all know and love. And by listening to fans from other countries, I gained more insight about the Finnish fandom and what makes it tick. Perhaps more on that some day.

There were a lot of things that did not get discussed, and everyone agreed that the first Snorfcon shouldn’t also be the last. But for now, many thanks to the organizers who made this happen. And a very special thank you to Olav, our gracious host for the weekend.

Others: Johan Anglemark has a report on his blog about this Snorfcon (in Swedish).


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