Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Goin’ Snorfin’

Snorfcon is this weekend. I’m really looking forward to this “No books—No movies—No GoHs—Only smofs” event. There will be twenty-ish members from the Nordic countries (sadly, only two from Finland), and the program looks like a lot of fun: “Fanacs anonymous”, “dark, quiet and smoke-filled backrooms”, “to pay or not to pay” (I guess it is obvious where the Finns stand on this when looking at the attendance), “If I ran the zoo-con” etc.

(By the way, after all these years it still sucks not being able to buy duty-free while flying abroad. I’m old-fashioned that way. Oh well, all part of being one merry union. At least I don’t have to exchange currency thanks to the euro. Oh wait… dammit Danes, get with the program!)
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