Sunday, October 31, 2004

A Glorious Day of Smoffing

…or Snorfcon, Day Two.

Blessed technology! The ATM’s (well, some of them) work with international credit cards, and hand you these cute little paper thingies that you can then give to the locals in exchange for food and drinks. They are rather handy, actually. I vaguely remember there used to be something like this when I was younger…

The day was a lot of fun. The discussion was lively and flowed seamlessly from one subject to another. Ideas were tossed around and people were really interested in not only how others do things but how to do more things together. Some ruminations about a Nordic sf convention were also whispered.

After dinner (at an Italian restaurant this time), this evening didn’t go on quite as long as yesterday (which is probably a very good thing, considering that we still have one day to go). And of course, this is the unique “sleep an extra hour for free” night, which helps a little. Happy Halloween!

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