Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Meet the Fen: Turku Mafia

Here are a couple of photos taken in the Turku pub meeting this month.

People sitting around a table
The mafia gatherings in Turku take place in Bar Bremer. There are usually around 15 persons present.

Pasi, Leila and Suvi looking at the Hugo voting ballot
Pasi, Leila and Suvi pondering the Hugo novelettes.

Elina, Jussi and Sofia sitting at the table
Elina, Jussi and Sofia.

Tytti and Jani sitting at a table; Kaisa and Maarit eating.
Tytti, Jani, Kaisa & Maarit. The bar also serves delicious food.

Tomi, Aatu and Johanna chatting
Tomi, Aatu and Johanna

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