Friday, July 29, 2005

Finnish Fandom Resources

If you're interested in finding out stuff about , here are a couple of links you can follow:
  • The World of Finndom is an article written by jukkahoo for Emerald City. It gives a brief history of Finnish fandom and takes a look at the present situation, including conventions, awards, clubs, and fanzines.
  • SF-FAQ. It’s in Finnish, but it lists the societies and fanzines, with contact information.
  • There are findom photos in Flickr if you want to see what we look like.
  • I’ve collected some links in and plan to update the collection every now and then.
  • Babek Nabel is the forum for Finnish fen to post news and discuss things. Its language is Finnish, but there’s a forum for English discussions also. If you need to ask a Finn anything or contact someone (and can’t find the contact info in the SF-FAQ), this is probably the best place to ask.
  • For info about the Finnish national convention, go to
  • And then there is of course this blog, where I report fannish events in Turku area and Finland in general. If you want to be kept up to date, you can monitor the blog via RSS feeds, or if you don’t like those, subscribe to new items via e-mail (see sidebar).
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