Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Picnic Pictures

A couple of pictures from last weekend’s Huviretki tienpientareelle, the annual relaxcon of .

Standing around, waiting for the boat to Viikinsaari
The Turku Team consisted of J-P, Aatu, Pasi and Mika, joined by M.G. a couple of minutes after the picture was taken.

Sitting at tables near the barbeque place
As usual, people gathered at the end of the island to sit around, barbecue, enjoy a few beverages and chat with other fen.

Taika throwing breadcrumbs to ducklings
The weather was excellent for a picnic. There were also a few visiting alien lifeforms present. They came in peace, as long as they were fed.

Playing a game with wooden cones that one is supposed to tip
Some people can’t leave sports alone even when stranded on an island…

Local people singing filk songs
What would a trip to Tampere be without some filking?

Uncle Pekka sitting at a table, stairing at a bottle of water
Uncle Pekka seemed to get depressed…

Vesa Sisättö and a bottle of water
…about Sisättö’s choice of drink.

Sitting at a table in bar Sputnik Still sitting at a table in bar Sputnik
The traditional after-hours in bar Sputnik.

My picnic pictures

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