Monday, March 20, 2006

Bus to Finncon from Turku

TSFS is thinking about organizing a bus transport to Finncon next August. The trip would be for Saturday only, and would be quite inexpensive (maybe around 15 to 18 € per person, depending on the amount of participants). If you think you might be interested in a day trip to the convention (very warmly recommended, if you are not able to go for the whole weekend), contact <> and let them know this would be a good idea.

Also (just occurred to me): if you are coming to the con from Sweden via Turku on Saturday (on the morning ferry), it might be possible to use the bus connection (no guarantees, since no timetables have been set). If anybody’s interested, drop me an e-mail and I’ll make inquiries.

Update: Some info about the time table. The departure from Turku will be at 9 in Maistraatinpuisto (if anybody will be coming from the ferry, the bus will pick you up). The bus will be at con at noon(ish). The way back will start at about 9 PM.

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