Monday, March 20, 2006

French Author Rufin in Helsinki Today

Jean-Cristophe RufinThe French author Jean-Christophe Rufin is visiting Finland today and tomorrow. Tonight he will be interviewed by Kimmo Lehtonen at seven (Mannerheim-sali, Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 5 A, 5th floor; free admittance) at an event organized by HYSFK and his publisher Tammi.

Rufin’s book Globalia just came out in Finnish.


jukkahoo said...

A very nice meeting with monsieur Rufin. Kimmo had few questions prepared, but I guess J-C managed to answer most of those well before Kimmo was able to ask his second question. Rufin answered in a very roundabout-way, which while being entertaining and informative, tended to float around quite a bit.

Audience was smallish, about twenty, but interestingly mainly consisting of non-sf people; there were probably few French students, some elderly people who had read todays Hesari and at least two reporters. And people asked questions the moments they were given a chance! All in all, a nice gathering.

More of this, methinks.

Woerd du jour: Ax Brielson exclaimed: "Boil in my boots if there aren't days when a word comes into my head and I find myself saying to it: 'Zurxzlv? What are you, anyway? A Turkish verb? an Arab city? some bit of Finnish?' The giant Rus sighed wearily."

Tero said...

Yes, rub it in, why dont you? No, I’m glad the event went well, even if I wasn’t able to attend (due to you all being in the wrong city and all). :)

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