Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kimmo Lehtonen Publishes New Novel Under Creative Commons

a big building on a red coverKimmo Lehtonen’s new novel LUEMINUT (README) will be published serialized on Babeknabel starting tomorrow (March 30).

From the author:
LUEMINUT is a multifaceted story about a world where people, ideas and coincidence form an open network — — a forgotten city is breaking away from the bonds of the past, into a more free future where hackers, anarchists and other radical groups challenge the European Union — — Kimmo Lehtonen rejuvenates the tradition of utopic literature of dreams and alternatives created by the imagination, without which there can be no real freedom. LUEMINUT is also a political statement, a call for an open society, inspired by the communities formed by Interent, Linux and open source developers.
The book will be published under Creative Commons licence (it’s reported to be the first of its kind in Finland), and the whole story will be made available later. A print version can also be bought in the Print-on-demand shop in Lasipalatsi.

(from Babeknabel)

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