Monday, July 17, 2006

Fandom Friday at Finncon

(There should be an official announcement on the Finncon LiveJournal soon, but I’m posting an advance notice here to get the info out.)

Fandom Friday—See Helsinki with fans

Coming to Finncon? Want to see a bit of Helsinki? Join Fandom Friday, a guided walking tour of Helsinki for sf fans!

The tour starts on Friday (August 18) at 11 and visits some of the sights in beautiful downtown Helsinki. We’ll also show things that are of fannish interest—book stores, places to get food, Internet cafés and such. And tell where you can get real ale within a walking distance of the convention center.

Fandom Friday is also a good place to mingle with other fans while seeing the sights, and discussing con plans over lunch. The tour will last until around 4 or 5 PM (unless we ge tired before that and just head for the pub).

There is no attendance fee (but everybody pays for their own lunch). If you’re interested in attending, or want to know more, contact <>.

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