Friday, July 07, 2006

July Mafia In Review

There were fifteen persons present at the Turku mafia last night. The temperature outside was 28°C but things didn’t get too heated.

The Atorox nominees inspired conversation. Some generated fierce controversy, but there was consensus about many others. There was an introduction to the Doctor Who series in the July issue of the mafia fanzine.

Rides to the Roadside picnic were arranged, and I think we’ve got at least three persons from Turku to this year’s Swecon. Some decided to see Tribute to Jim Morrison the next day. I got Lost (end of season 1) back and peddled some of it forward almost instantaneously, but forgot to bring some Buffy for the needy.

There was a guestbook meme running wild, and the term “retrosexual” was coined. Ben was hit by a car, but was ok, except for weird theories about Paris Hiltunen, which you don’t really want to know about. There was no explanation for Mika’s fantasies, as usual.

Some people were older than others had thought. Harri Haarikko was thought to be scary in his day by some. The yumminess of Spike (versus Angel and others) came up, and the food was excellent as always. The drinks were wet and tasty, and I suspect someone had put alcohol in them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No alc-thingies in my drink. I blame the head trauma from the crash for any strange things I might have said. :P

Exept for the Atorox-comments, I don't blame anyone but my self for those. I might have gone too far with my comments as usual, but I still have a hard time to believe that you voted that certain short story as number one. But it's great that people have such different tastes.


07 July, 2006 10:16  
Blogger Tero said...

No blame necessary. I thought the Atorox conversation was refreshingly interesting. And the appreciation of differing tastes is seconded.

I’ll have to write down some thoughts about Atorox later.

07 July, 2006 10:26  

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