Sunday, July 30, 2006

Viikinsaari Photos

The Roadside Picnic in Tampere last weekend was fun as usual.

Marianna, Liisa and Pasi waiting for the boat to arrive Ben, Pasi, Mirka standing by the ticket booth Marki and Vesa glaring at the camera
Some of the usual suspects waiting for the boat to arrive. The Turku delegation consisted of Ben and Pasi (in the second picture) and me. This time we got there early too and didn’t miss the first boat.

Pekka, Erkka and Hannele sitting on the boat Karo waving to the camera, others from Tampere standing around in the background Erkka sitting by a table, fiddling with a communicator
Fen from Tampere. The first one got bored quite quickly, I see.

Taking photos of a duck
The favorite pastime of fen in Viikinsaari: photographing ducks coming to cadge for food and treats.

Ipa and Liisa talking
Just smoffing around… and by the end of the day, the Tampere fen had promised to organize a Finncon in Tampere in 2008! Something I’m very happy about, since it’s obvious nothing that big is going to happen in Turku for a while, and so we still have three groups that are making Finncon happen. Go Tampere!

Folks from Helsinki arriving to the picnic site More people from helsinki arriving
Helsinki fen arriving, late as usual.

A group of filkers performing Filk singalong
The traditional filking session.

Pasi, Toni and Jyrkin on the Viikinsaari boat, back to the mainland Ben, Elsa and Janne at the Tempo Terrace Onerva, Miikka and Erkka at the Tempo Terrace More sitting around at the Tempo Terrace.
After many hours of excessively healthy outside air, everyone was ready to hit some pubs (especially after running out of beer on the island). Tempo Terrace was otherwise very fine, but I was less than keen on the “entertainment”—a guy with a guitar performing less-than-ideal cover songs. Run to the Hills has never before made me actually want to start running! I’m guessing Toni is trying to perform a Vulcan nerve pinch on Sisättö so he wouldn’t have to listen…

The evening later continued in Sputnik (as usual), but since my ride left early, there are no pictures. Which is probably as well. Thanks, Tampere. We had fun; let’s do it again next year!

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