Friday, April 06, 2007

April Mafia Thoughts

Quite a good turnout tonight, even if some of the regulars were missing. Some things I jotted down during the evening (some of these were actually jotted down by others, but I’m shamelessly stealing their bits):

  • Swedish horror stories always seem to follow the same pattern
  • we started to compare our roots, but stopped almost immediately, after both Kaisa and Harri told they can trace their lineage back to people that lived in Turku in the 16th century
  • politics (beyond Ben’s ridiculous fears) was discussed
  • hedgehogs rule—and swear
  • send Jukkahoo to Japan (and back, please)
  • Paris Hiltunen really is Hitler’s brain (don’t ask)
  • Mafia zine drank itself under the table

Tonight’s zine (drank itself under the table) contains the Finland part of Juliette Woods and Damien Warman’s GUFF report of their trip to Finland. A highly recommended piece of fanwriting (which you can get if you subscribe to Banana Wings also, or—if you live in Finland—in Spin sometime in the future too).

Also, we had a long discussion with Pasi about the future of the Turku fandom (and the Uni sf club in particular) which I hope will also be followed with some concrete results in the near future.

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