Thursday, April 12, 2007

Send Jukkahoo to Japan

Jukka the interviewerIt’s time to vote in JETS, if you haven’t already!

The Japanese Expeditionary Travel Scholarship is a special fund created to assist a European science fiction fan, elected by popular vote of other European fans, to travel to and attend Nippon 2007, the Yokohama Worldcon. That fan should be Jukka Halme from Finland.

Why Jukka? He has been active in most aspects of fandom in Finland for a couple of decades: fanzines (writing for many Finnish zines, as well as illustrating and editing), conventions (attending and running—including chairing the largest-ever Finncon last year), PR (reading and recommending fiction for publication, speaking of sf to the public at large, editing sf fiction and non-fiction works), etc. He’s a true fan with a great interest in fandom, as well as an expert on sf literature.

Who can vote? Any European sf fan who has been active in fandom before 2005 (or who attended Interaction).

How to vote? Go to the JETS site and follow the instructions. Basically, you contribute to the fund (minimum 6 euros when you send the payment by PayPal), and send your vote via e-mail to the administrators. (Johan Anglemark has posted a text-version of the ballot on the Swedish fandom forum—you can copy it to your e-mail from there.)

Act now! The deadline for voting is this Friday (April 13) at midnight (GMT). So, send your vote in now! If you need help with PayPal, contact me and I’ll help you with that. No. Excuses. Vote. Now.


jukkahoo said...

Thanks for everyone who voted for me!

Tero said...

There’s a vote breakdown (PDF) on the JETS site. Jukka was second in the first round, and all in all came in fourth (of the sevend candidates).

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