Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Most Romantic And Tasty Finncon

In case you’re thinking of traveling to Finland for Finncon this July (and if you aren’t, you should be), here’s an additional incentive: The Times Online lists Helsinki as one of the most romantic cities and recommends it especially for the cuisine.


Cheryl said...

July Tero - you had me worried for a minute there.

Tero said...

*headdesk* Of course, don't know what I was thinking (not much, apparently). Thanks, fixed. Luckily the correct information was only a link away all the time, no matter what I blurt out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Romantic? The Times Online has obviously never been to Helsinki in November. On the other hand - nothing like dismal greyness and freezing sleet blowing in your face to make you want to stay in bed all day.

But there are a lot of nice restaurants, I agree.


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