Friday, February 06, 2009

SFnal Fun

Last night’s pub meeting was one of the liveliest for a while. A good turnout of almost 20 people (though not all at the same time), and a couple of new ones too! (Well, I don’t know if you count as new if you were present when the local sf club was founded over 30 years ago, but a non-regular at least.) The library event was successful in bringing in at least one new person to check out fandom, which is great (there were two people who wanted to joint the local sf club—a pity nobody from the club was present). I hope more people will check out the exhibition at the library, because it is very nice.

The conversation flowed, and I’m sure there were many more topics than listed here, but at least some of them were: reading lists (both sf and non-sf), jobs (catching up with what people are doing), cultural history (related to environment, nutrition, and the development of humans), planning a scientific fandom excursion in the near future (more on that later), politics (a long and flowing conversation with surprisingly little argument), fandom getting older (a topic that arises every time someone in fandom falls ill), the fandom co-operation meeting at the end of the month (and arranging rides), upcoming movies (even some that were anticipated—and not with dread), and last (but not least) a long and fascinating discussion about conventions in sf storytelling that irritate people (and why) that carried on until way over midnight (not always such a good idea when you have work the next morning, but it was too much fun not to go on).

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