Thursday, September 23, 2004

Alastair Reynolds at Book Fair

Alastair Reynolds appears at the Turku Book Fair next weekend. (October 1–3). He can be seen on Saturday at noon (stage A) and again at 15:45 (The New Coming of Space Opera, Seminar room 4). Other programming of interest includes: Where Finnish fantasy is going (Saturday 13:00, Seminar Room 4). A discussion about E-books and electronic publishing in Finland just might be interesting too. (Friday 15:30, Auditorium 1).

Finnish science fiction and fantasy fandom (in Turku, anyway) has a stand in hall C (C39 b). Stop by if you happen to be at the fair.

Update: If you're one of those unfortunates who happen to live in the Helsinki region and are thus unable to attend the book fair, according to Babek Nabel Mr. Reynolds will visit the Arabianranta library on monday October 4 at 17:00. He will be interviewed by Antti Mäkinen.
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