Sunday, September 12, 2004

Atonova 2004, part 1

Atonova 2004 took place yesterday in Turun kirjakahvila. At the event, the Atorox award for the best Finnish sf short story published last year, and the Nova short story competition winners were announced.

A View of the audience at Kirjakahvila
About 30 persons gathered in Kirjakahvila for the Atonova event.

The prize is a statue of the head of the robot Atorox
The coveted Atorox prize.

Hanne and Maarit announcing the results
The Atorox winners were announced by Hanne Martelius (the Atorox organizer for the year) and Maarit Lamminen (acting head of TSFS).

Anne Leinonen was awarded with an Atorox statue and a big bouqet of flowers.
The author of the best Finnish sf short story published in 2003: Anne Leinonen.

Boris Hurtta
Boris Hurtta, a long time contributor to Finnish sf literature, took third place, losing only by one vote to the second place.

Petri Laine
Petri Laine (fourth place).

Sari Peltoniemi
Sari Peltoniemi (fifth place).

Next: the Nova competition

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