Sunday, September 12, 2004

Atorox 2004 Results

Atorox winners were also announced yesterday. Atorox is a prize given to the previous year's best Finnish sf story, voted by members of Finnish sf societies – a sort of Finnish short story Hugo. This year, the prize went to Anne Leinonen for her short story Valkeita lankoja, which also won the Portti short story competition.

The top ten for short stories published in 2003 is:
  1. Valkeita lankoja by Anne Leinonen (Portti 4/03)
  2. Kuten ihmiset tekevät by Tero Niemi and Anne Salminen (Spin 3/03)
  3. Seikkailujen junat by Boris Hurtta (Portti 1/03)
  4. Taivaan kaikki värit by Petri Laine (Portti 4/03)
  5. Kultainen omenaby Sari Peltoniemi (Portti 2/03)
  6. Originaalit by Hannele Hakala (Portti 2/02)
  7. Komposti by Mari Saario (Portti 3/03)
  8. Uurnajaiset by Juha-Pekka Koskinen (Portti 3/03)
  9. (tie) Sonian laiva by Carita Forsgren (Portti 1/03) and
    Orfeus, Orfeus by Katja Salminen (Portti 2/03)
As you can see, this year's results were heavily nominated by Portti, although it was delightful to see a short story published in Spin in the top 10 – for the first time in a really long time, if I remember correctly.
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