Monday, August 15, 2005

Worldcon: Thursday

First day of the convention. Wandered around the SECC (which looked quite different from ten years ago) soaking up the atmosphere. Met many Finns and some other friends, mainly from other Nordic countries, and had a chat with them. Missed most of the panels I’d carefully picked from the program book the previous night. Checked out the art show with Kaisa (we’d decided to go early to see if we’d like to actually bid on some items this time). Not the best art show I’ve seen, but there still were quite a few very nice pieces of art there.

Some notes on Thursday:
  • Catch of the day: Silverlock, by John Myers Myers. Found out there’s a shiny new hardback edition, but I’m perfectly happy with the paperback I found. It’s in good condition and was a much better deal.
  • Best program item: I didn’t really get to many items. The opening ceremony had some funny bits. Fan room opening, in contrast, was a bit too insider-oriented for me (but I guess that was the purpose).
  • Best missed program item: I heard many good things about Room 101 with the GoHs (which I tried to go to, but couldn’t get into the room because it was already full), so I think I’ll pick that one.
  • Best party: Thursday’s parties seemed to be relatively quiet. I’m going with hanging in the bar lobby, smoking a couple of cigars with Jukka and chatting with friends.
  • Somehow I forgot to eat anything on Thursday. Made up for it by drinking beer, but by the end of the day made a mental note to remember to eat every day from that point on…

Photos from Thursday include the opening ceremony,
The audience watching the opening ceremony Reading the safety announcement People demonstrating the safety announcement on stage Sign saying, smoking is permitted outside the airlocks only Captain Standlee wishing everyone welcome All GoHs sitting on stage

the reception after, provided by the city of Glasgow (there was quite a lot of wine—maybe it could have qualified as a “best party” candidate),
Ben and Toni at the reception Overview of the reception KJN at the reception

a couple of Moat House pictures,
Plokta cabal at Fan Lounge opening ceremony Toni Jerrman writing an article in the Fan lounge TC and Kummisetä sitting at the Moat House bar Vesa describing something, Jautero sitting by

and a couple of shots from the parties.
An overview of the Denver 2008 party, with sign showing Overview of the Denver 2008 party Denver 2008 advocates at the table Sari, Jukka, Tero, Marko, TC at bar lounge, some with cigars Ian Watson lifting Imants in the air


A.R.Yngve said...

Very nice photos!

What strikes me when watching the Worldcon pictures is that

A) About 75% of SF fans wear eyeglasses (I do too);

B) Dress sense is improving;

C) Lars-Olov Strandberg is in fact an army of clones - how else do you explain he can simultaneously attend all conventions everywhere?

D) The male "ponytail" haircut should be outlawed - no, I mean it;

E) Toni Jerrman bears an uncanny resemblance to Gary Oldman.

Tero said...

c) might be… he does get around for sure.

d) just goes to show your poor taste in haircuts. :)

e) I've thought so too sometimes—especially to Gary Oldman in True Romance.

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