Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The Star Wreck on Wings tour kicked off this evening in Turku, the main attraction of course being the fan film Star Wreck 6: In the Pirkinning.

Hannu in the barAs I feared the worst about the movie (the previous episodes are totally unwatchable), I’d agreed to meet a couple of other members of Äksy in the pub for a couple of beers before watching the film. It might have benefitted from a couple more (although the puns in the pub were at least as bad).

We then proceeded to Klubi where the event was to be held. To our surprise, there was a huge crowd outside the club, waiting to get in. This thing is way more popular than I would have anticipated. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait in line to get in (there were a couple of guys among us that had played small parts in the film: Hannu, the engineer from Turku, and the Artist previously known as the Finnish Trekkie).

A long queue outside the club The queue crawling into the building

The club was packed. There was a brief introduction from the cast and crew present, and the film started (about half an hour late, probably because they tried to fit as many people in as possible).

Full audience waiting for the film to start Three guys from the cast and crew standing in front of the screen

And the film itself? Much better than I’d thought it would be (as I said, I’m no fan of the previous episodes). Mostly awful acting, not the least from the lead character, but not quite as bad as in episode 5 (or what I’ve been able to stomach of it—maybe it was because there were a lot more sfx scenes and less acting this time). Some quite funny parts (especially the Russian propaganda commercial, and some scenes on board the Babel 13 space station), and altogether I thought it was mildly amusing. (Most of the audience seemed to enjoy the humor quite a lot.) And with the best-looking officer on any Starfleet bridge so far to boot (and I’m not talking about captain Pirk here).

I’m certain that fans of the previous Star Wrecks will enjoy this film enormously, and for the rest of us, it is quite watchable and very interesting for the sheer scale of it. The production values are impressive for a fan film—and they even got Kari Väänänen to star in a minor role!

Screenshot from a propaganda commercial Captain Sherrypie, Commander Ivanovitsa of Babel 13 The bridge of CPP Kickstart Epic Space Battle

Afterwards, there was a performance by the band Roihu that has made music for the film. (Didn’t stay for that, though.)


jac said...

Not quite so bad in my opinion. Occasionally hilarious, although they should have cut the end shorter. (Yes, I'm sure they had impressive computer equipment lined up for the space FX, but there is a point where the sheer amount of huge explosions just gets tedious.) But a great film nevertheless, and quite funny too. Astonishingly well directed and cut, with no slack to speak of.

Compared to your average Finnish feature film, I think the acting was OK. Nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you see it as a parody of the less-than-lively dialogue in the real ST films.

Of course Kari Väänänen was the best actor in the picture, but then again, he always is.

A.R.Yngve said...

I saw the trailer... it was BIZARRE. It's not every day you hear a Klingon speak Finnish. ;-)

Tero said...

I'm not sure how that is any more bizarre than the Klingons normally speaking English even when no-one else is around... :)

Anyway, I recommend taking a look at the movie too, when it becomes available.

Toveri said...

You should add your reviews to imdb .

The current reviews are a bit too much of praise to be convincing. Though I'd guess they will even out when more people actually see the film.

Tero said...

Thanks, but these are just my personal (first) impressions, not what I'd call a real review.

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