Monday, August 21, 2006

Atorox 2006 Results

The awardJenny Kangasvuo took home a double victory in this year’s Atorox awards. Her short story Kaikessa lihassa on tahto (“All Flesh Has a Will”) was voted the best Finnish short story published last year, and Aalto nahan alla (“A wave under the skin”) took the second place. The 24th Atorox awards were given out on Sunday at Finncon 2006 in Helsinki.

Jenny Kangasvuo with her award

These are the top ten short stories from last year, voted by the Finnish fandom:
  1. Jenny Kangasvuo: Kaikessa lihassa on tahto (Portti 2/05)
  2. Jenny Kangasvuo: Aalto nahan alla (Portti 4/05)
  3. Tero Niemi & Anne Salminen: Eräitä kevätpäiviä, eli Taivaallisen laatikon tapaus (Usva 2/05)
  4. Hannu Rajaniemi: Isännän ääni (Usva 3/05)
  5. Johanna Sinisalo: Grande Randonnée (Kädettömät kuninkaat ja muita häiritseviä tarinoita)
  6. Anne Leinonen: Mestariseppä (Portti 1/05)
  7. Natalia Laurila: Meren valtiatar (Portti 1/05)
  8. Boris Hurtta: Tuulinen syksy (Portti 1/05)
  9. Petri Salin: Talviyön uni (Finnzine 2/05)
  10. Boris Hurtta: Jäätalvi (Usva 1/05)
As you can see, Portti still dominated the list with five stories (including the top two), but Usva is a strong contender with three. It will be interesting to see what the score between the very traditional Portti and much more experimental Usva will be in the near future, and if anybody else will have much say in the contest.

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