Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pasi Jääskeläinen Interviewed on Risingshadow

The Risingshadow forum has an interview with Pasi Jääskeläinen about his new novel Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta. Pasi also talks about his writing in general, his thoughts on genres, and such. Interesting stuff—although if you’ve been reading his blog, you’ve seen most of it there already.

(A note to the Risingshadow folks: when you put up good articles like this, please mention the writer!)


Sini said...

The nick of the author can be found from the upper left corner.

You must have been too busy to read that great interview to notice such a small detail ;) Don't worry, we understand.

Tero said...

I know there’s a nick there. Which, as I don’t regularly follow Risingshadow, doesn’t tell me anything. There’s still much to be said for using ones name, at least when writing something that could be of interest outside ones own inside circle of friends, you know.

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