Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fandom Friday Approaching

Finncon is almost at hand, and a good way to start the convention is Fandom Friday, a walking sightseeing tour of Helsinki on Friday!

The tour starts at 11 in the con hotel Radisson SAS Plaza lobby. There will be a tour of the con site (Paasitorni) and Hakaniemi. From there, we’ll go through the city center, and take a boat to the Suomenlinna island. Lunch is served at Suomenlinnan panimo (Suomenlinna Brewery Restaurant) at 14. We’ll have an “archipelago buffet,” naturally accompanied by the brewery’s own beers.

After lunch, we’ll be touring the downtown Helsinki until around 4 or 5 PM, seeing sights, shops, etc. On Friday evening there’s a Finncon party at the restaurant Juttutupa.

Fandom Friday is your inside scoop on Helsinki for sights to see, places to eat and drink in, where to shop for books, souvenirs and such, and an opportunity to spend Friday with other fans.

Lunch costs 14.30 euros (plus drinks), and the return trip to Suomenlinna a couple of euros. There should be no other costs for attending (unless of course you want to buy refreshments along the way, etc.)

The lunch buffet consists mainly of different kinds of Finnish fish, so if you are allergic to fish, let us know when signing up, and an alternative will be arranged for you.

If you aren’t able to make it by 11, you can join us in Paasitorni, at noon. Or call (+358 40 861 9326) at a later time and ask where we are.

If you want to participate in Fandom Friday, sign up by e-mailing by Tuesday August 15 at the latest.

Welcome to Helsinki and Finncon!
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