Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finnish NoFF Delegate Announced

Senja Hirsjärvi is this year’s Finnish NoFF (Nordic Fan Fund) delegate. Senja has been active in fandom for several years, and has had a hand in a few Finncons, including many in Jyväskylä and this year in Helsinki. Senja was also one of the people behind the Finnish room party at Interaction. Senja will be traveling to Imagicon 2 in Stockholm in October.


Johan A said...

Did anything come of the idea to coordinate the NoFFers for maximum impact? In other words, do you know whether the Danish and Norwegian NoFFers also will be travelling to Imagicon 2?

Tero said...

I haven't heard that there would be such coordination, and from Hanna gathered that Swecon was her own decision.

Maybe all the Scandinavians are coordinating to come to Finncon? :-)

omjc said...

Johan, great minds think alike :-)

I have argued that we should send the Danish NoFFer(s) to Imagicon 2:
Will keep you posted.

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