Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Symposium on the Grotesque in Tampere

On Friday March 6 there will be a free seminar at the University of Tampere. From the description:
The symposium focuses on a common theme named in the title: How are ideas of the “grotesque” and the “unnatural” manifested in literary materials and visual representations from different ages, and how can these concepts be approached as phenomena of a particularly linguistic nature? What is the significance of this kind of work, and in what ways does it enhance our critical understanding? The initiative explores questions such as these and seeks to attract responses from a wide variety of theoretical angles:
  • the horrifying, mysterious, abnormal, or subversive in literature
  • horror, mystery, gothic, and sci-fi literatures as generic fictions
  • studying the form of strange or broken bodies and natures
  • the grotesque and the unnatural as aesthetic experience (and vice versa)
  • the grotesque and the unnatural as linguistic discourse (and vice versa)
  • tradition and change of the concepts in and as translation

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