Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pub Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first Thursday of March, which means you’re all welcome to meet and chat about science fiction at Bar Bremer after six (the pub seems to be more crowded nowadays, so it’s advisable to be there not too late).


Anonymous said...

How does coming earlier make the pub less crowded? It's the same amount of people... It's us who make the place crowded, in my opinion, not the few others.

Tero said...

It doesn't make the pub less crowded, of course, but _you_ get a seat, which I thought would obviously be what matters. Also, the pub is very rarely all filled out, but the room we occupy can be. If the sf people are there early enough to fill the room, the rest of the people will then go to the other sections.

Anyway, this week the place was more crowded than usual, so we decided to try the small cabinet next month.

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