Friday, February 05, 2010

February Festivities

Yesterday was one of the largest pub meetings in a while–I think there were over 20 people in total present. Lots of talking, drinking, eating, and so on, until a bit too late o’clock. Some notes from yesterday, plus a couple of links I promised people:
  • The February lunch is in two weeks, but on Friday, not Thursday as usual.
  • It was agreed to have an ice cream mafia at some later date (probably at Nuvole). Suggestions on suitable dates are of course welcome.
  • The Pakkaspaavo winter beer is yummy. Rich, chocolatey. And soon unavailable again. :-(
  • The bartender at Teerenpeli took the requests for non-alcoholic drinks seriously, and the results were pretty fine.
  • I had with me the latest Fingerpori collection I bought on the way to the pub, it was popular with people. Go buy yours at Turun sarjakuvakauppa!
  • A couple of web comics that were recommended by people: Oglaf and Sexy Losers (both extremely NSFW, if you care about such things).
  • Some talk about the ongoing row between Amazon and Macmillan. I once again recommend The Book Depository for buying books online. Good selection, good service, and the postage is included in the book prices, so ordering just a book or two to Finland is usually cheaper than from Amazon.
  • Oscars speculation. Avatar and The Hurt Locker were pretty much a tie as bets on who will win best picture. My guess is that The Hurt Locker takes the Oscar with its topical subject and, well, not being sf, but could go either way easily. Hollywood loves Cameron, but I’d wager that if Avatar is rewarded as best picture, Bigelow will get best director as “consolation”. Then again, I’m usually wrong with my awards guesses so don’t go betting money based on my opinions.
  • Stargate SG-1 was a fun show. I haven’t seen all of it, but based on what some were saying about the later seasons, I guess I’ll have to get my hands on them at some point.

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