Thursday, February 04, 2010

Pratchett on Alzheimer, on Teema

The YLE Teema channel will show a two-part documentary about Terry Pratchett and his struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. The first part will be shown tonight at 9 and again on Sunday, half past one. Part two next week, the same times.

(Hat tip to Liisa on the Spektre list)



Blogger Jan Vaněk jr. said...

Do you know a) how much of the content is in English b) some good proxy that would allow people from outside Finland to see it? (It seems nobody has reuploaded it to YouTube so far). Thanks,

05 February, 2010 12:51  
Blogger Tero said...

The document is originally by the BBC, called "Terry Pratchett: Living with Alzheimer's," so at least the original one is all in English. I don't know of any Finnish proxies, but maybe the British original would be easier to locate.

05 February, 2010 13:00  

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