Thursday, February 04, 2010

Snorfcon 2010

Snorfcon, the convention for Nordic conrunners, returns after a few years’ hiatus. Snorfcon 2010 is organized by Heikki Sørum, and will take place in Oslo, Norway, on August 13–15.

The theme of the third Snorfcon is “the care and feeding of a large convention” (defined as a convention with more than a thousand members/attendees). This of course excludes the majority of Nordic sf conventions, but includes a lot of anime cons (who have been invited to the event). Which is not to say the organizers of traditional sf cons wouldn’t find the programming useful and interesting, nor that they wouldn’t have valuable input for the organizers of larger conventions. Especially next year’s Eurocon has already announced interest in the event (and of course some Finncon organizers will be there).

The Snorfcon web site is not yet up to date, but if you want more information about the convention, you can join the mailing list (the common language for the convention and for the list is English).

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