Thursday, February 18, 2010

PhD Dissertation on the Fables Comic in Tampere

Karin Kukkonen will defend her doctoral thesis on Storytelling Beyond Postmodernism: Fables and the Fairy Tale on Saturday, February 20 at the Tampere University.

The dissertation, according to the abstract, analyses modes of storytelling beyond postmodernism’s subversion and self-reflexivity, aims to apply key terms of literary study to the narratives of comics and graphic novels, and draws methodologically on the emergent cognitive approaches in the humanities.

About Fables from the abstract, “Fables is deeply engaged with the traditional and the postmodern fairy tale, and its narration juxtaposes subversive and self-reflexive with gratifying and immersive storytelling, making the series thus a key case study for different possible modes of narrative in the comics medium.”
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